Your business is new to online? kickstart Digital Transformation

Your business is new to online? kickstart Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a focus for many organisations right now and as you can see from the Google Trends search volumes, it’s increasing in popularity recently. As with any change within an organisation, there are many challenges , so once you’ve identified digital advocates in the organisation, it’s time to map out the journey.

Call this your digital roadmap, it describes where the business is now and where they’re going. There are several models available,

Gain evidence before you get started with digital transformation

To ensure your digital transformation journey works, start with an audit to identify the ‘where are you now?’ question. This gives you benchmark information that can be used at a later stage. Within this I typically would review:

-What are your digital strengths and weaknesses? Use the TOWs matrix to make this more useful.
-What are your key competitors, or similar organisations doing?
-What’s around the corner? This information is often not available online as it’s often ‘work in progress’.
-And what do your customers want? Customers often find the path to the new product offer way before organisations do. Taking holidays as an example, consumers can spend hours, days and weeks to identify their ideal holiday . Yet how many destinations, hotels and attractions still produce masses of brochures?

Create clear objectives about where the business is going

Once the audit stage is completed, it’s useful to understand what does your organisation want to achieve? Are there specific objectives? Is there a future milestone that’s driving practice within the business? Or has your business started to notice that it’s being left behind?

To move to the next step,It’s worth working on the objectives with a team so you get some early buy-in.

Even so, it’s important to understand that the process doesn’t happen overnight, it can take some time. 

The New York Times is probably the best known news publisher in the USA. Founded in 1851 it’s recently embarked on a programme of digital transformation, forced due to a changing macro environment and competitors who have moved ahead. And with the advent of new, younger competitors, like the Huffington Post who started less than ten years ago, and have eclipsed the readership of the NYT.

In the past the idea of a start-up gaining more web visitors than the best known political paper, was unthinkable. Yet the Huffington Post has a higher web rank both in the US and globally.

What’s needed for digital transformation to work?

As would be expected within major institutions, the steps to digital transformation start with discovery, what are the users’ needs and will it work? Stage two is alpha where the objective is to build a working prototype to be used by stakeholders to gain greater understanding of a service.

In the USA President Obama launched the digital strategy with a question “I want us to ask ourselves every day, how are we using technology to make a real difference in people’s lives?” This evolved into their vision “Information and services anywhere, anytime, on any device”.

How to launch the digital transformation strategy

In these examples, there are three common factors which you need to adopt to get started with your digital transformation. This is the first step on your digital roadmap.

A high-level advocate
A clear vision
A digital agency
A high-level advocate

You need support from the highest level to transform your business and adopt digital tools, techniques and technology. Identify your champion or advocate early and ensure they’re in a position to get things done.

A clear vision

In the past companies had ‘mission statements that were so long, they were printed onto the back of business cards as an aide-memoire! Today your vision has to be clear, memorable and succinct.

A digital agency

Agency have been formed to transfer knowledge, provide support and enable existing staff and departments to adopt digital. it may helps either as training, consultancy or new staff. This is also why there is such growth in digital qualifications!


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