Bringing a brand back to life

Bringing a brand back to life

Brand Activation a relatively new “term” in the industry, there is much debate around the exact definition of Brand Activation. It’s pretty simple really; it’s all about bringing the spirit of brands to life. The objective of Brand Activation is to make brands active in their markets, building their reputations along with results. Most fundamentally, brand activation contributes in creating trust between the customer, the society and the brand (i.e. company). And trust is one of the key factors to create loyalty between consumers and brands.

“Brand Activation a natural step in the evolution of the Brands”

Brand Activation, is the Marketing/Brand activity that enables the consumers to live the life in the Brand Way.

BrandingTP 300w" sizes="(max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px" />every brand has a core identity and extended identity. the brand also stands for proposition. You take the brand identity and the proposition and blending those two you develop a brand activity/program in which the consumers get to live their life in the way the brand promises life to be.

Lets have an example to clarify brand activation.

Example can be the LUX beauty contest. Lux is a beauty soap. its proposition is to increase your beauty and the brand personality is the young sucessful beautiful women. the brand idnetifies itself with beautiful celebrities, i.e. film stars like Aishwaria Rai of India. combining all these brand elements you develop and implement Lux beauty contest. you select the most beautiful girl of the nation and she gets her crown from Ash. She wins loads of prizes from LUx, gets her cosmetics and other beauty products courtsey of Lux and lastly she gets selected for the new-face of next upoming film of Yash Chopra as the new debutant. If she really can prove herself then the tinsel-world is all hers and she becomes a STAR.

so you are taking an ordinary girl and making her a star courtsey of Lux. this is Lux Brand Activation. Making one girl live the life in the Lux way while stimulating the aspirations of million other girls, who dreams to be the star. they start to think “if she can be star why not me”. Well not every girl who uses Lux becomes star but they strive to be.

at the end of the day, all this is done to increase brand sales, awareness and loyalty.

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