Why would your business need rebranding?

Why would your business need rebranding?

Its known that a strong consistent brand built up over time is the best guarantee of future earnings. But,  social media and search have turned branding upside down.

Given the importance of long-term brand consistency, the decision to rebrand should not be taken lightly. Not only is it expensive, but rebranding can lead to unnecessary confusion amongst your customers and potentially a hit to the bottom line. There are really only six good reasons to rebrand:

  1. Misleading or legal conflicting business name.
  2. Acquiring and merging with another company.
  3. Shifting or expanding your business.
  4. Low brand value that needs repositioning.
  5. Outdated  look compared to competitor needs a makeover.
  6. Inconsistent brand communication.

Final note about rebranding :

Remember, rebranding is a big deal. It will cost you money and time. Too often, people forget that every single piece of communication from email signatures to legal contracts will need to be updated with the new brand. Plus, it’s not an instant solution. It could be damaging if you have a loyal customer base invested in the current brand. But, there are times it’s justified and makes good business sense.

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