Key steps to build your brand online

Key steps to build your brand online

The booming Internet revolution in the latest years made it possible to create brand online as it can:

1. Increase brand awareness.
2. Reinforce the brand’s unique value proposition.
3. Tell the brand’s story.
4. Identify customers and build lists.
5. Create a dialog with customers and potential customers.

These 15 key actions will definitely help you to build your brand online:

1. Create and actively maintain a blog to significantly increase search visibility, establish expertise and build a community, brand trust, and subscriber lists.

a. Close to 60% of the people seeking out a branded product online use a search engine to do so.
b. Make sure you include the most important search phrases in your posts. (Google keywords can help you with this.)
c. You must carefully think through how you will add meaningful content to the blog on a regular basis. Blogs need to be fed constantly or else they die.

2. As you build subscriber lists, send the subscribers email with meaningful content and links.

– make distribution schedule and stick to it.
– Include your brand’s signature and web link in each email.

3. visuals/images matter. use appropriate and powerful visuals to reinforce each blog post.

4. Create highly compelling videos that tell your brand’s story and post them on YouTube.

5. Use RSS feeds to distribute headlines, new content and notifications more broadly.

6. Include a “Link to This Page” button on every page that you believe has worthwhile content to increase your site traffic through incoming links. Also add Facebook Like, Tweet, inn Share, g + 1, pin it and other similar buttons to all worthwhile content.

7. Conduct periodic webinars and tele seminars.

8. Consider Facebook advertising as a way to achieve unparalleled targeting.

9. Create an affiliate program to extend your reach.

10. There are more than 5 billion mobile phone users worldwide and 1.1 billion smartphone subscribers. Develop smartphone/mobile apps for your brand.

11. Integrate online messaging with traditional media messaging for greater impact.

12. Consider using paid search campaigns using Google Ad Words.

13. Share links with and advertise on those websites that rank highest against the search terms most important to your brand and business.

14. Monitor what people are saying about your brand in social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and on websites such as .

15. Use Survey or similar online research platforms to research how people perceive your brand and its competitors.

Brandomix wishes you great success in building your brand online.

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