building a new brand ‪identity‬ for ‎online business‬

building a new brand ‪identity‬ for ‎online business‬

Brand identity is the first step for coming up with full-fledged marketing strategy for online business. Before starting to work on brand experience of your valuable customers, it’s important to take some essential steps on brand building strategy to define the kind of brand you are or you want to be for your customers.

Below mentioned are some fundamental elements to be worked upon for strengthening online branding, brand identity and to enable customers to understand why your brand is different from others.

1.Business ‪#‎Logo‬

For brand recognition, it’s important to get a perfect business logo, which is also simple and easily identifiable. What your business is all about must be reflected by it with an appeal to your targeted audience.

Corporate logo that gives both verbal and visual message with a color scheme resonating with your business and business website is an essential part of the strategy for brand building.

2.‪#‎Brand‬ Voice

Corporate voice is not just what you say to your customers, but it’s more about how you say it. It’s all about the language and tone you use in your communication to deliver your message to your customers.

A helpful voice of your business displays an overall image of your business and makes you stand out from the rest of the competitors in the market.

3.Color Palette and Image Style

A corporate color palette is usually defined by the colors in a logo. Choose wisely, in addition to those one or two colors what other colors compliment your website and your business.

Don’t use similar images all over your website again and again. Choose different images as per your landing page but whatever you choose should give a consistent look and feel.

Apart from photos/ images you can also try using – line art, bar graphs, pie charts, etc.

4.Excel Products and Services

The above elements can’t do anything in brand building if you fail to serve your customers with brilliant products and services each time they come up to you. You, not being up to the mark in your services would not stand up to their expectations, and you are at risk of losing them forever.

So, make you products/ services better and better each day to let your customers talk about you and to earn some word of mouth marketing for brand identity of your online brand.

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