خمس خطوات أساسية لبناء علامتك التجارية

خمس خطوات أساسية لبناء علامتك التجارية

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Your brand is what people say it is. Not what you say about it
People recognize brands.

So, how did these names become so big? What’s the secret mantra behind their success? we had my fair share of encounters with business owners looking to boast off about their brand name. But, they forget the most important thing about brand building. And, that is – a brand is not what you say about it, but what people say it is!

You can give the people food for brain so that they get to know what your #brand is all about. But, you cannot compel them to buy it. That’s where marketing efforts come in. so, how can you plan your marketing efforts to create a brand that sells.

1- Analyze your brand’s position
As they say,”If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”
So, before you begin with your brand building, you ought to know analyze the market. You need to identify the target audience. Where does your brand stand? How much competition do you face? Get an answer to all these questions.
You need to know what you are up against in order to plan your branding strategies. And, that’s why you must begin to build a brand by analyzing your position in the market.

2- Identify your unique selling points
Knowing what you are up against can help you to create a strategy. But, knowing what’s your strength can help you to implement that strategy. And, get results in your favor. If you are selling a product, identify its unique selling points and put in front of the people. Similarly if you are selling a service, let the customers know about its value propositions.

People love to buy stuff that solves their problems. That’s why you need to let them know that your product or service is here to help. Once you have identified your strong points, the next step is to market those points.

3- Create compelling content
The presentation and packaging is everything when you are trying to sell anything. Whether it is a service or a product, at the end of it the user must know its true worth in their life. The only way to do so is by creating content which is pleasing to their eye.
Presentation in marketing is not about the product, it about the audience and what they need. So, get your creative cap on. And, sit with the team to come up with some catchy content that can capture the eye of your end users. After all, if you like what you see you’d want to give it a try for sure!

4-Be patient
If you’ve done these three things right, then it is just a matter of time when you start seeing the results. But, that’s the most crucial part now. You have to wait. You have to show patience. Wait for some time to see whether the branding endeavors are paying off or not.
Campaigns can become instant hit, but if you want to sustain in the longer you need to be patient. Yes, things go viral but they remain on top of the charts for smaller run. If you want to thrive in the market, and sustain your brand you need to – first, continue to come up with innovative content. And, second be patient for the ideas to bring results.

5-Revise, review and rework
So, is that all? Create a campaign and wait for it? No, it simply does not end here. You cannot just take one step and expect it to continue to bring the results forever. You need to iterate and innovate. And, come up with new ideas to represent your ideology, value proposition and your brand in front of the target audience.
Constant revision in plans. Changes in strategies. And, innovating your approach is a must if you want to thrive in the market, and not just survive. So you need to keep refreshing your stock of innovative ideas to make your brand’s presence felt.

These were some tried, and tested tips that have helped businesses over the years to create a strong brand presence. If you are struggling with the same, then you need to try these things out.
sure they will work for you!

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