4 Keys to Boosting Your business online Growth Rate in 2017

4 Keys to Boosting Your business online Growth Rate in 2017

Customer acquisition is a long-term process, so get started now.
To grow your business, you need to focus on growth-hacking strategies such as optimizing your conversion rate, creating an irresistible offer and automating your digital marketing campaign. But how will you get there?
Great strategies rely on great tools and techniques to support your work. Here are four tactics to help you connect with consumers more effectively and build stronger relationships that will position your brand to attract even more customers.

1. Customer engagement.
Although more than 90 percent of the web is text, visuals help companies attract more customers. The brain registers visual content more quickly than it can process text. From infographics to memes and emoji, people use visuals to convey meaning. Your consumers prefer interactive methods to communicate with their own friends, family, and even clients.
To engage potential customers, connect with them in real time. Bringing them into the conversation helps them feel involved.
Afterward, follow-up is a must. Reach out to participants through email marketing strategies. It’s essential you initiate that touchpoint as soon as possible after your event. Otherwise, you risk losing your recently acquired lead.

2. Customer-generated content.
#Brand credibility is crucial because online shoppers weigh reputation and reviews very seriously. Industry experts are taking notice.
“The No. 1 most important rule of social is that you need to keep your audience interested. If people are watching a boring channel, they’re going to change it.”
Many businesses spend a fortune on advertising campaigns but fail to recognize the huge impact that word-of-mouth has on company development. You must remember your brand is not about your #logo, user experience or #design elements. Instead, your brand represents your values. Since having a solid brand image is essential to your growth, managing your online reputation should be among your top priorities.
Here’s a rule of thumb: Listen to customers’ feedback and enhance your product to offer great customer experience. You can leverage user-generated content insights to take your business to the next level. Just make sure never to get involved in the unethical practice of buying followers or reviews. These never represent the real customer’s perspective, and they won’t help you achieve success through your growth plan.

3. Customer behavior.
Engaging with customers is good, but it’s not enough. Many customers leave your #website without letting you know what put them off. Many marketers rely on analytics and quantitative data-gathering to solve these issues. But quantitative data won’t tell you how your customers feel about your brand.

4. Customer acquisition.
Once you understand your customers’ behavior patterns and have optimized your pages, it’s time to focus on customer journey optimization. This ensures that visitors are lead to to the right landing page within your overall website.
This often means guiding different sources of traffic to different landing pages, each designed around the needs of a specific segment within your customer base. Generalizing content at this point will have a sharply negative impact on your business.
The right #Digital agency for the job can enable you to execute the appropriate strategies — saving time and money.
Remember, growth hacking isn’t like paid advertising with its immediate results. Instead, embrace a mindset that growth is a long-term, ongoing and always-evolving process.

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